Spring 2024 issue of Connections now available

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The Commonwealth of Learning’s (COL) Spring 2024 issue of its triannual newsletter, Connections, is now available!

Key highlights:

  1. Empowering Women and Girls: COL is making strides in gender equality by providing education and skills development to women and girls in Bangladesh, Malawi, Mozambique, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. This initiative aims to reach 75,000 women and girls directly, fostering a brighter future.
  1. Open-Source AI in Education: Universities can now leverage open-source large language models (LLMs) to affordably enhance digital education and research. This innovative approach offers customisation, transparency, and better data sovereignty, especially benefiting institutions in developing countries.
  1. Advancing Flexible Education with Microcredentials, which are transforming lifelong learning by offering shorter, portable learning opportunities that meet just-in-time learning needs while building towards larger qualifications. This is crucial for both professional development and employability.
  1. Climate Action through Education: COL is developing real-world educational tools for climate action, aiming to build climate literacy and leadership. From online courses to community media initiatives, these efforts are vital for a sustainable future.
  1. Strengthening TVET in Africa: Technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems are being bolstered to close educational gaps and increase employment opportunities. COL’s collaborations and partnerships are vital in enhancing skills training across the continent.

We are delighted to introduce Professor Peter Scott, COL’s new President and CEO, whose innovative leadership is set to drive the next phase of open education. Also, read the Fair Comment about the information crisis.

Explore these stories and more in the latest Connections issue. Download your free copy here.

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