Strengthening distance and online provision in Sierra Leone

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The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) of Sierra Leone with COL’s support hosted a national high-level meeting for stakeholders in June. This meeting was geared towards the discussion on enhancing distance education and online provision in Sierra Leone. Deliberations and recommendations were presented on strengthening the existing policy on ODL, improved ICT facilities to support the ODL teaching and learning environment and capacity building of stakeholders. There was also consideration about reviewing modules to meet changing labour market requirements.

The participants included Professor Alpha Tejan Wurie, the Minister of Technical and Higher Education (MTHE), the Deputy Minister, as well as senior officials from the Ministry besides the Chairman of TEC and Commissioners. About 120 participants took part in this meeting.

The Minister of Technical and Higher Education noted that “in spite of the challenges of ODL delivery in Sierra Leone, the number of institutions interested in ODL continues to grow, thus a robust policy is required to meet the needs of the stakeholders.”

Rev Professor Edwin J. J. Momoh,  the Chairman of the Conference of Vice Chancellors and Principal Universities observed that “the transition from elite to mass higher education means a greater economic and social importance of the higher education sector.” Professor A. M. Alghali, Chairman of TEC shared his views about the quality of the distance provision.

Professor Jane-Frances Agbu, Adviser: Higher Education at COL said, “This meeting has provided a platform for the stakeholders to reflect and look towards a more equitable, quality-assured  and accessible tertiary education system in Sierra Leone.”


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