Teachers trained on Problem-Based Learning at Fiji National University

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COL supported a workshop focused on designing, implementing and facilitating Problem-Based Learning (PBL) experiences on 27 and 28 June 2019 at the Centre for Learning & Teaching Enhancement at Fiji National University (FNU). The workshop was facilitated by Professor Karen Goodnough from Memorial University of Newfoundland and attended by 40 educators from different schools of studies at FNU.

While inaugurating the workshop, Professor James Pounder, Pro Vice Chancellor, Learning and Teaching, said, “PBL is a constructivist approach to learning and, if done well, will align university courses with real-life work that students are expected to perform post-graduation.” Professor Pounder thanked COL for supporting the workshop and the participants for their attendance.

The workshop provided an overview of the foundations of PBL and helped participants compare PBL with other instructional approaches, examine various models of PBL, design PBL experiences and develop guidelines for facilitating PBL groups. Participants said they found the workshop to be very useful especially in providing a better understanding of PBL as a practice.

Dr. Sanjaya Mishra, COL’s Education Specialist: eLearning said, “FNU is already using Technology-Enabled Learning (TEL) to some extent. With this support, we expect that teachers at FNU will develop blended courses using PBL learning designs.”

COL’s TEL initiative has been supporting FNU to integrate ICT in teaching and learning to improve the quality of learning outcomes and facilitate availability of more courses in blended and flexible modes of learning.

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