TEL Community of Practice launches

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In collaboration with the Fiji National University (FNU), COL launched the Technology-Enabled Learning (TEL) Community of Practice (CoP) platform to develop a network of teachers across the Commonwealth who are adopting technology-enabled and blended learning practices in their teaching.

Teachers from 12 institutions who have implemented TEL with the support of COL are currently on the platform. It is open for any teacher to join and actively connect, create and celebrate TEL success in their institution. The goal of the CoP is to empower teachers to effectively use TEL by providing a platform to discuss, debate, and collaborate to solve problems and undertake action research to improve the quality of learning for their students.

Dr Sanjaya Mishra, COL’s Education Specialist: eLearning said, “The CoP will help develop a network of trusted experts in integrating technology in teaching and learning that can be tapped by members of the CoP whenever needed. The CoP will stimulate new thinking, facilitate discourse and debate on topics of significant importance to the community and generate knowledge through social co-construction.”

The CoP for TEL was developed as a response to the mid-term evaluation of the TEL initiative, and FNU volunteered to host the platform on behalf of all TEL participating institutions.

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