Unstable, expensive Internet no obstacle to young Ghanaian

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As a manager at Ghana’s National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Hassan Hamadu monitors and evaluates ICT projects across his region. He is also involved in building the capacity of the NHIA staff and stakeholders and is always looking for professional development opportunities.

He has recently benefited from free online courses in the framework of a joint initiative between COL and the Read2Skill Ghana programme of the Ghana Library Authority.

Hassan has built his hard and soft skills, from cloud computing to cyber security to public speaking and leadership. Due to an unstable and expensive Internet connection, he would download the course content at night, when the bandwidth was cheaper, and watch the lectures offline in his free time during the day. Hassan says his new skills have helped boost his confidence to impart knowledge to his trainees.

Through this partnership with COL, some 5,000 young Ghanaians are expected to obtain new employability skills by December 2020.

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