Upskilling tradespersons in Tuvalu

Reading Time: 2 min read

COL has been working with the Tuvalu Atoll Science, Technology and Training Institute (TASTTI) to build its capacity to deliver trades training using open educational resources (OER). Close to 200 persons have benefitted from a training programme with modules on literacy, numeracy, painting, working with timber and working with concrete. The programme builds on COL’s basic trades training OER.

COL is also working with TASTTI to build staff capacity in using a blend of distance and workplace learning to train local tradespersons in building and construction, so that Tuvalu’s Public Works Department is better equipped to build and maintain the country’s physical infrastructure.

COL Education Specialist: Technical and Vocational Skills Development, Ms Terry Neal, noted: “Through this project, COL is supporting Tuvalu to meet the training and skills development challenges identified in its national sustainable development strategy, Te Takeega III. This model can be extended to other skills, and other Pacific countries may also benefit from what Tuvalu is piloting.”

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