Wall murals in Pakistan bring the message of gender equality and women empowerment

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COL has supported BEDARI, its local partner in Pakistan, in developing creative ways to raise awareness about the prevention of child, early and forced marriage and empower young women and girls to become agents of change. As part of the GIRLS Inspire programme, BEDARI produced a series of wall murals displayed in high-traffic areas of Chakwal Punjab district.

“These 20 murals can help change the attitude of society towards women and girls and inspire them towards education, social justice, and economic development,” said Raffat Shuja, BEDARI Programme Manager. She added that choosing women images that resonated with local social norms helped in proliferating these important messages.

COL has been working with BEDARI to reduce gender-based violence in 20 villages in the district and improve the livelihoods of 1,000 women and girls through vocational and business development skills training. The two partners are also building the capacity of 406 policymakers to enforce laws against gender inequality.

Ms Frances Ferreira, COL Acting Director: Skills, noted: “Using murals to educate communities on provincial laws is one of the most creative ways to create inclusive and cohesive communities. Murals are not only powerful, but also cater to everyone, including the illiterate.”

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