WHO is back!

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eLIO began its relationship with WHO in 2002 when it customized the Writing Effectively course for its global staff. Since 2002, over 2700 WHO global staff has benefited from this learning opportunity and waitlists were the norm for each delivery of the course. However, last year due to internal WHO matters, WHO was unable to offer this programme. All that changed in March 2015 when eLIO received the good news that the funding for the Writing Effectively course had been re-instated. This course has proved immensely popular over the years with WHO participants because effective written communication underpins so much of the work they do; from writing health policy to communicating to the public during health epidemics such as Ebola and SARS.

A striking example of this is a story a tutor once shared with us about a health advisory report she worked on with a learner. One day, she heard this same learner on the radio sharing the results of this health advisory report. This course provides tangible, meaningful results to help WHO staff deliver on their goal of enabling all peoples to attain the highest level of health possible.

eLIO is very glad to welcome WHO back to eLIO.

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