Youth skills and leadership training in the Pacific

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The Commonwealth of Learning (COL), together with COL’s regional centre, the Pacific Centre for Flexible and Open Learning for Development (PACFOLD), as part of the Partnership for Open, Distance and Flexible Learning in the Pacific Project supported by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, is working with local non-government organisations (NGOs) in skilling youth for employability. Currently, COL is partnering with three NGOs to provide skills and leadership training – Bougainville Youth in Agriculture, Papua New Guinea and FRIEND Fiji and V-Lab, Vanuatu.

In a span of three months, from May to July 2023, 829 youths were equipped with industry-specific training that has the potential to lead to meaningful employment. In total, 1,479 youths have concluded this pertinent training since the activities began last year.

A longitudinal survey undertaken with youth from Fiji who participated in the skills and leadership training from September to November 2022 provided valuable feedback with 68 per cent asserting that the training significantly boosted their employability and entrepreneurial spirit.

Going forward, COL plans to augment ongoing collaboration with more NGOs, amplifying outreach in wider areas in the Pacific.

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