AI for Teacher Education (AI4TE)

Modelling AI-based teacher support for sustainable capacity building


The restrictions and school closures in many parts of the world due to the pandemic meant that in-person social contact was kept to a minimum, resulting in the increased use of digital platforms to facilitate distance and online learning. This brings increased risk of cyber attacks and data privacy breach within schooling systems and platforms, which may result in learning disruption. Teachers and other educators are expected to be able to gain knowledge of and access to resources that will enable them to keep themselves and their learners safe from such threats.

The UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers outlines some of the competencies required of teachers, which include understanding the basic principles and also demonstrating knowledge of good practices of cybersecurity and media and information. Solutions are, therefore, required that will provide specialist expertise and professional development for teachers working individually or as part of professional learning communities, to allow for on-going support and access to tailored resources in cybersecurity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can power such solutions as it has the benefits of automation and smart decision, resulting in an enhanced learning experience. This ensures efficiency and scalability of such systems, and increased productivity among teachers.

Working with teachers, partner institutions and a network of experts in AI and cybersecurity, COL is piloting an AI-based model to advance teacher capacity development and support in cybersecurity. The model will be replicable for other knowledge domains.

Current Partners

  1. UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (Project: Teacher Capacity Building with AI and Digital Technologies: E-library for Teachers)

Relevant courses

For more information, click on the course link:

  1. Cybersecurity Training for Teachers (CTT)
  2. Advanced Cybersecurity Training for Teachers (ACTT)

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