Building education lessons and insights


Strong monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and action research have been built into the project to ensure a focus on achieving the high-level outcomes and to use elements of an adaptive management approach. It involves activity design that builds in deliberate processes of testing, learning and experimentation. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this approach even more imperative as demand for ODFL increases rapidly. The activity involves:

  • Independent mid-term evaluation to review progress against outcomes and assess the effectiveness of each workstream and the project as a whole. It will make recommendations on changes to the project, including possible new areas of support and actions to support sustainability.
  • Independent final evaluation to review achievements and outcomes of the project. It will also provide information on lessons learned and will make a recommendation on future actions for key partners.
  • Action research to identify and understand how ODFL and Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) are operating in Pacific contexts and how they can be used to improve education outcomes.
  • Guidance notes and advisory documents to identify, summarise and contextualise advances in in ODFL and TEL into products that Pacific education sectors can use.

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