Commonwealth Open Schooling Association (COMOSA)

image of comosa websiteCOL supports the expansion of ODL to meet the growing need for primary and secondary education, as well as lifelong learning. As part of COL’s initiative to establish and strengthen open schools, COL assisted in the establishment of the Commonwealth Open Schools Association (COMOSA), which involves partners from every region of the Commonwealth. COMOSA Connect is the main communication platform of the Association. For further information please visit COMOSA Connect.


COMOSA is a global community of practitioners/institutions who share their knowledge and experiences for the greater good of open/innovative schooling and to improve practice. The basic objective of the association is to cooperate and collaborate in development, promotion and introduction of innovative, high quality, relevant, equitable, gender-sensitive and cost-effective programmes of school education for sustainable development in commonwealth countries through Open and Distance Learning Mode, and thereby targeting to achieve the Sustainable Millennium Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.


The COMOSA network wishes to foster collaboration that advances the attainment of COMOSA objectives using open education approaches with specific reference to the constitutional objectives of networking, capacity building, sharing of resources, quality assurance, project development.


COMOSA was established for practitioners in open/innovative schooling in Commonwealth countries. However, any individual, agency, institution, organisation or other entity, whether governmental or nongovernmental, interested in, committed to and/or involved with open/innovative schooling can register as a member.

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