Crosscutting, including Women and Leadership

Inequality has become a defining issue of our time and a cause for entrenched vulnerability. Gender inequality, in particular, stems from socially constructed gender roles and remains as one of the most distinctive group based inequalities.[1] The gender inequality is manifested significantly in four critical areas: economic participation, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment.[2]The gender systems and structures work at various levels: the cultural (through beliefs and ideologies); at the institutional (through laws and organizations); and at the interpersonal (in family and community) to reinforce and perpetuate these disparities and forms of exclusion.

COL’s Gender crosscutting project acknowledges the four critical areas of manifestation of gender inequality and work towards activities which enhances economic participation, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment.

Women and Leadership

‘Women and Leadership’ workshops are designed to focus on the conceptual, the practical, the education and the skills dimensions for leadership. In ODL, it is often the case that women are the leaders of change. They use new methods, media and technologies to reach out to and serve individuals and communities. However, they are likely to be operating in the low to middle levels of institutions and organisations, often in part-time roles and without tenure.

This training programme is designed for mid-career women from Commonwealth institutions who are interested in assuming leadership in ODL and ICT-based fields and may need support to improve their knowledge and skills.

[1] Kabeer, Naila (2015): Why it is time to put gender in the inequality discussion. LSE

[2] World Economic Forum, 2017

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