Within the major objective of “Learning for Sustainable Development”, CEMCA is supporting governments, institutions and civil societies of the region through collaboration, networks and partners. Major achievements in recent years have included:

  • Support to UGC Bangladesh for implementation of OER in Higher Education. This resulted in the development of an institutional OER policy development and building capacities of 1000 teachers of 20 higher education Universities of Bangladesh.
  • Adoption and framing of OER policy by ODL institutions in India. CEMCA has been building teachers’ capacity to start the integration of OER to OEP for better learning.
  • Augmenting the use of ICT in teaching and learning in response to COVID-19 and moving towards online and blended learning in the region. Realising the demand for enhancing the capacities of teachers, CEMCA is promoting areas like Virtual Labs, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Development of e-Contents, Development of MOOC, etc.
  • Reaching more than 35,000 learners worldwide with MOOCs, such as Life Skills for Engineers, Academic Counselling for ODL Learners, Introduction to Statistical Analysis, Development of Online Courses for SWAYAM and Digital Analytics .

CEMCA believes that an empowered citizen builds an empowered nation and the road to empowerment leads through the acquisition of knowledge. Reflecting on the priorities of its stakeholders, in 2021-2027, CEMCA will focus on:

  1. Adaptation of policies and practices to leverage ODL/online and OER in Higher Education: CEMCA will work with higher education and teacher education institutions to train leaders/teachers/educators in ODL and online/blended learning. It will provide support and technical guidance, and work to develop gender responsive ODL and online/blended learning policies/strategies.
  2. Capacity building for better teaching and learning using ODL and OBL (Online and Blended Learning) Approach: Higher education and teacher education institutions will be provided assistance with a view to enhancing the capacity of staff/educators in micro-credentials, online assessment, and pedagogy and developing gender-responsive courses as OER. With CEMCA’s support the staff/faculty will have improved knowledge and skills in these areas. CEMCA will also support the development of micro-credential courses, which can be offered by partner institutions.

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