Educational Podcasting for Innovative Classrooms (EPIC)

Capacity Building for Innovative Teaching and Learning


In many low-resource contexts, the effective use of OER for in-person teaching, blended learning or the variations of flipped learning currently being tried out will depend not only on the ability of the teachers to participate in their conceptualisation and design, but also the accessibility of these resources across the widest range of learner variability, including learners with special needs or living in rural settings. A number of governments and teacher education institutions are, therefore, seeking innovative ways to attain last mile teaching in the circumstance.

Educational podcasts / audio lessons are seen as a means to attain equity and access to learning even in remote areas of the developing Commonwealth. The versatility of the podcast enables teachers to not only participate in collaborative development and peer review of the resource material, but also engage with learners in low-tech low-internet contexts.

COL’s Educational Podcasting for Innovative Classrooms (EPIC) model provides not only for flexible multi-media resource formats that are accessible with better connectivity, but also enable teachers to adapt resources for disability-appropriate access.

The EPIC project has been developed to strengthen partner capacity towards using an innovative participatory approach to develop broadcast-ready podcasts / audio lessons, which are available as OER for teaching as well as teacher training and professional development in respective countries.

The following access options are available on EPIC, for consideration by partners: online podcast portal, toll-free / low-cost dial-in facility, multimedia formats and inclusive design.

For more information, visit COL’s EPIC portal

Current Partners / Contributors

  1. Nigeria: National Teachers Institute (NTI, Kaduna); Centre for Girls Education (CGE)
  2. Kiribati: Kiribati Teachers College
  3. All partner institutions developing audio-based resources
  4. Various teacher communities accessing the EPIC portal
  5. Classroom pilots

Relevant courses

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  1. Mobile Learning with Multimedia (MLM)
  2. Advanced Mobile Learning with Multimedia (AMLM)

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