Enhanced Livelihood Opportunities with Sustainable Climate Resilient Practices and Improved Incomes


The third pillar of the project works towards economic empowerment and creating opportunities for women and girls, to participate in the economy as entrepreneurs, business owners, or wage earners. Following capacity building activities, the project will facilitate women and girls access to microfinancing opportunities, business development services, or job training.

The project will offer training in vocational skills that are relevant to labour market needs and will provide legal assistance to women and girls, empowering them to exercise their property rights. It also focuses on financial literacy, and training women and girls in savings and small business management. This will equip them with the skills needed to run successful enterprises.

Female farmers will be trained in climate-resilient cropping and sustainable agricultural practices. This enhances their productivity and contributes to environmental sustainability. It will also facilitate access to market and institutional finance services for female farmers and entrepreneurs ensuring they have the necessary resources to grow their businesses.

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