FaB Capacity Building

Since 2009, COL’s TVSD initiative has worked with Ministries and TVET institutions to build their capability in Flexible and Blended (FaB) learning to increase access to quality TVET. COL also supports national agencies to enable access for learners by distance, while also seeking to develop resilient effective TVET systems for the future. Interventions also seek to build on capability which COL has helped build over time to move countries to scale more quickly and become independent of COL’s ongoing support.

COL seeks to improve and streamline the national capability building approach by applying the following principles:

  • Focus on national agencies for scale and influence, and through them build institutional and individual teacher capability
  • Understand and adapt existing strategies for building national capability in ODL across COL, including OER, to customise for TVSD specific context, rather than developing standalone solutions for TVSD.
  • Virtually support
  • national agencies to develop, communicate and implement national strategies and change plans for FaB TVSD
  • TVET institution managers to develop and implement institutional change plans that align with national strategies
  • coordinated design and development of quality OER towards national qualifications
  • Develop a suite of online capability building courses to build TVET teachers’ capability in FaB which are a mix of self-paced and facilitated and cover the range of skills TVET teachers need assuming centrally co-ordinated hosting and development of quality OER
  • Monitor and evaluate the present approach to be able to fail forward and share evidence of effectiveness with governments and colleagues.

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