Integrating Technology in Teaching, Learning and Assessment (ITTLA)

Providing ministry-level support in ODL for improved teacher capacity in digital learning


Working with partners, COL has developed a framework, Integration of Technology in Teaching, Learning and Assessment (ITTLA), to support ministry-level interventions aimed at identifying and addressing the immediate capacity bottlenecks preventing effective integration of appropriate technology in teaching, learning and assessment, and to develop solutions to address the challenges faced by teachers in selected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

COL works with partner ministries of education or other relevant government agencies in adapting various technologies to support systems, practices and strategies for teacher professional development, including national Communities of Practice. The overall aim is to realise incremental improvement in the teachers’ face-to-face classroom instructional practices and enhance their digital skills so they can effectively respond to the dynamic and constantly changing learning environment, especially with the advent of COVID-19.

A series of blended in-country workshops are held to address the needs identified by partners, with participants expected to commit to participation both in online courses as well as in-person workshops. The partner institution presents to COL the in-country capacity needs and a plan to initiate and scale up training as required.

Current Partners

  1. The Gambia: Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (MoHERST)
  2. Ghana: National Teaching Council of Ghana (NTC)
  3. Sierra Leone: Teaching Service Commission (TSC)
  4. Sri Lanka: Ministry of Education


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