Since 2010, COL has worked with African TVET institutions in the INVEST Africa capacity-building model which is premised on the recognition that flexible and blended (FaB) learning and teaching approaches can impact positively on the goals of TVET institutions to expand access to quality skills training.

The focus is on changing:

  • The policy and strategy environment by creating institutional policies and implementation strategies that enable the integration of FaB approaches and FODL
  • Organisational structures by creating relevant structures that support the delivery of FODL and FaB learning and teaching
  • Technology infrastructure by supporting the management and optimal use of digital technologies and educational media that enable the delivery of FaB learning and FODL
  • Learning and teaching practice by introducing and growing FaB learning and teach practices
  • The type of learners to whom training opportunities are provided by promoting the inclusion of learners in the informal sector
  • Institutionalised gender biases by mainstreaming gender equity and encouraging the recruitment of female students especially into male-dominated technical and vocational areas.


The critical success factor for achieving this institutional change is the vision and leadership of the principals. Each year, the principals come together for an INVEST Partners Meeting in order to review progress, discuss monitoring and evaluation and plan for future activities.

In this programme plan, we are focussed on supporting both new and independent partners to start and strengthen their implementation of the FaB model. We work with 47 independent and 47 new partners in seven countries.

In order to measure impact on sustainable livelihoods, we are building capacity to carry out tracer studies of learners who complete new FaB courses. This has included partners carrying out focus groups to establish the conceptual framework for sustainable livelihoods.Teachers and managers are engaging with printed and online resources to build capacity to carry out tracer studies.

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