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Capacity Building for Innovative Teaching and Learning


COL is working in collaboration with partner institutions and experts in ODL and technology-enabled learning to develop and offer / co-offer direct training for teachers, teacher educators, and education leaders in OE,R, pedagogy, technology, inclusion and environmental education, among other areas. The online courses and MOOCs also aim to develop teachers with increased skills for sourcing, developing and sharing OER resources, as indicated by pre-post knowledge tests, surveys, and assessments.

Surveys are also conducted to get the participants’ perspectives on the ways in which the course(s) meet their immediate needs. Over several months after the training, surveys and case studies are conducted to determine whether teachers demonstrate improvement in instructional practice as well as their perception of the impact of the training on learning and learner engagement.

For more information on the courses, click on the course link:

  1. Mobile Learning with Multimedia (MLM)
  2. Advanced Mobile Learning with Multimedia (AMLM)
  3. Cybersecurity Training for Teachers (CTT)
  4. Advanced Cybersecurity Training for Teachers (ACTT)
  5. Teaching Mathematics with Technology (TMT)
  6. Inclusive Teaching and Learning
  7. Creating an Inclusive School
  8. Planning a Family and Intergenerational Literacy and Learning (FILL) Programme

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