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Teacher Network for Girls Education (TEN-G)

Establishing teacher networks for knowledge sharing in technology-enabled learning, to support girls’ education in disadvantaged communities


Teachers in many parts of the Commonwealth are currently taking every opportunity to update their skills in technology-supported teaching to realise continuity of learning both within and outside the school. Studies suggest, however, that the use of technology can itself be a marginalising factor, especially for women, girls and other learners in rural settings. This challenge is exacerbated during natural calamities and epidemics, with women and girls being the most negatively impacted.

During learning disruption, like that caused by COVID-19, female teachers are likely to be faced with additional demands owing to their role in the traditional family set up in many cultures, which might impact on their access to technology and ability to support online or blended learning. In Sierra Leone, a study conducted in the post-Ebola period indicated that more girls than boys had dropped out of school during the epidemic.

The Teacher Network for Girls Education (TEN-G) is a platform for teachers whose aim is to improve their skills in technology-based teaching and mentorship capacity for girls in their schools. Developed in a collaborative effort between Teacher Education, Girls Inspire and Open Schooling initiatives at COL, the project aims to strengthen the ability of female teachers to access and use tools readily available to them to provide learning and learner support to their female students, close the learning gap experienced during school disruptions as well as keep them focused on their schoolwork. The project will ensure that the female teachers are better skilled to provide instructional and other support to all, including female students in marginalised communities.

The project also aims to mobilise and sensitise parents, male colleagues and other stakeholders to provide the necessary support to the girls to ensure 100% return-to-school after a disrupting event like COVID-19.


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