Women in ICT & ODL: Resources

Globally, information and communication technologies (ICTs) have transformed the way individuals and organisations work. For both women and men, access to ICTs is greatly influenced by socio-economic conditions, education, health, poverty, employment, environmental factors, and human rights. Women in particular face persistent barriers in accessing ICTs and leveraging them for education and training through open and distance learning (ODL) opportunities. This is especially true in the developing world context.

The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) has carefully reviewed the relevant literature on women in ICT and ODL and assembled the following lists of selected literature and journals that speak to the unique challenges and opportunities for women with respect to ICTs and ODL.

Selected literature on key topics related to Women in ICT & ODL

1. Annotated Bibliography

2. COL Publications

3. Pan-Commonwealth Forum (PCF) Papers


The following journals regularly publish articles and research related to key topics in gender and the role of women in ODL and ICTs.

List of Journals

Regional Reference Materials

  • Africa

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