National Partnerships in ODL for Teacher Development

COL develops frameworks and models that help align its projects to national priorities and provide a targeted response to requests from Member States in teacher training. The Integrating Technology in Teaching, Learning and Assessment (ITTLA) framework, for instance, has been developed to enhance digital skills training among teachers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Under this framework, national agencies are provided with technical assistance to analyse their needs and improve their effectiveness in leveraging ODL and technology-enabled learning for teacher training and professional development, towards quality digital learning. Activities include evidence based ODL policy development, curriculum review, continuous professional development plans and systems, among others.

In 2021, COL partnered with the National Teaching Council of Ghana to carry out a needs analysis on teacher capacity in digital learning. As of June 2021, a total of 1000 teachers from 10 districts in Ghana are being trained using resources from COL’s course ‘Teaching in a Digital Age’.

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