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The Commonwealth of Learning empowers people through learning that leads to economic growth, social inclusion and environmental conservation.

COL is an enabler, capacity-builder and catalyst for collaboration within the Commonwealth and beyond.

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COL at CPEM 2023: “Empowering Education for Pacific People”

COL recently presented at the Conference of Pacific Education Ministers (CPEM) in…

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March 2023 issue of Connections now available

Download the digital version (PDF) from OAsis Sign up to receive email updates…

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COL supports Zambia to build TEL competency for teachers

In late January 2023, the Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ), in collaboration…

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“Kudos to COL”: Workshop on development and validation of OER policy in Nigeria

The University of Ilorin in Nigeria, with the support of the Commonwealth…

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Latest Social Media

Read about @COL4D's recent participation at the Conference of Pacific Education Ministers (CPEM) and its commitment to ‘Empowering Education for Pacific People.’ Full story here: https://www.col.org/news/col-at-cpem-2023-empowering-education-for-pacific-people/ #TVET #Education

Read: “Blended learning in focus” is the theme of the latest
@COL4D edition of Connections for March 2023! Download your copy here: http://hdl.handle.net/11599/5253 #blendedlearning #chatGPT #learningtech #ODL #OER

Read: @COL4D at the Conf of Pacific Education Ministers #NewZealand Recommendations to Ministers on resilience include concepts from #GreenLearning Agenda @AshaKanwarCOL with Hon. Lanelle Tarangada, Minister of Education and HRD, Solomon Islands

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