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The Commonwealth of Learning empowers people through learning that leads to economic growth, social inclusion and environmental conservation.

COL is an enabler, capacity-builder and catalyst for collaboration within the Commonwealth and beyond.

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Pacific Focal Points: Teacher capacity-building in online education a priority

COL recently held its regional Focal Points meeting for the Pacific in…

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Mozambique: Building institutional capacity in OER and online learning at ADPP

COL recently conducted a workshop in Mozambique on using open educational resources…

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COL at CPEM 2023: “Empowering Education for Pacific People”

COL recently presented at the Conference of Pacific Education Ministers (CPEM) in…

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March 2023 issue of Connections now available

Download the digital version (PDF) from OAsis Sign up to receive email updates…

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Latest Social Media

During 97th Annual Meet and National Conference of Vice Chancellors-2023 on ‘Transformative Higher Education for Atmanirbhar Bharat’ Dr. @bshadrach, Director, @CEMCA_COL, the regional centre of @COL4D, shared his views in Technical Session-III on ‘Reforms for Holistic Education’.

Read: COL with support from PACFOLD, its Pacific regional center hosted at @usponline, organised a coordination workshop for Focal
Points in the region on the #MFAT -supported ODFL project in #Fiji.

Update on @COL4D regional Focal Points meeting for the Pacific in #Fiji; prioritising teacher capacity-building in online education to ensure quality learning outcomes for students. https://www.col.org/news/pacific-focal-points-teacher-capacity-building-in-online-education-a-priority/ #blendedlearning #teachertraining #Pacificregion #OER

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